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The power of vision

This intersession engagement is reserved for premium members and limited premium members (members who have purchased discount lesson packages with or without a subscription). You can become a premium member now for just 1 € per month; alternatively, you can purchase a limited premium member package, but then you must have already purchased one or more […]

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Earn while you learn

Learn English with a qualified and experienced English teacher and professional copyeditor. Practise your English in Small-group Conversational sessions while paying towards your sessions with coupons earned from referring your acquaintances, friends, associates and colleagues. Start today by following these 5 easy steps:

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Why take Conversational Lessons

When we learn a language, we learn to express ourselves in that language, using the expressions particular to that language. The way we express things (ideas, needs, emotions, among others) in one language may not necessarily be the same in the language we are learning, e.g. English. That is why it it is so important to learn the common, or stock, expressions, or ways of saying things, in a language. This applies to learning English as an additional language or as a lingua franca (a common, or 'bridging' language).

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