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With workshops, you choose the project you want to work on, for example, preparing your curriculum vitae (CV), preparing for a behavioural interview, roleplaying an interview, writing a report, and many more.

Alternatively, you may wish to prepare for an exam, such as Linguaskill, Aptis, or another exam that you may have in mind. 

During your workshop, your tutor will make notes, which will include the following, among others: 

Useful links to additional information

  • New vocabulary
  • Grammar in speech
  • Relevant support materials available on the All-in-One English website, such as courses (video and podcast), infographics, and 'Knowledgebase' entries (Note, certain membership levels will include one or more, of these materials and services).

Book your –

If you have already purchased credits using one of the class/workshop packages (see the Store page for the various packages on offer), you schedule your classes on the 'Scheduler' page.

Alternatively, you can schedule your conversational classes/workshops by using either of the following Conversational Class/Workshop schedulers (click on either of the links to go directly to the class/workshop you want to schedule or choose one of these schedulers in the Store):

Once you have booked your session, you will be sent a meeting link. Simply click on the link to  attend your online session.

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